Welcome to Stafkings Online Employment Center!

Stafkings has developed a state-of-the-art web portal system that allows applicants, employees and employers direct access to their entire account. This portal system provides users a 360 degree dashboard view of essential employment and business data.

Users receive login information by completing a full application, becoming a current employee, or being a current client administrator.

After logging in to the portal, employees are able to update application and resume information, view paycheck and direct deposit information, submit online timecards, and access employee personnel files and benefit information.

Client users are able to modify company profile information, create job orders, check status of existing job orders, review employee files, and retrieve customized management reports. In addition, authorized users may enter, review and verify online timecards, review invoices, and utilize other Vendor Management Services. Our toolkits also help decision makers, managers, and other stakeholders use quantifiable information to create and maximize their human capital strategies--essential feedback, forward-looking measurements, metrics, analytics, benchmarking, scorecards, and tracking of key performance indicators are all standard features of our client web portal services.

All of these features are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor the portal to your personal or business needs.

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