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Ithaca - 09/29/2017
Stafkings is recruiting for a Director of Health and Wellness for a client in Cortland! This is a FT direct hire position. E... [more]
Binghamton - 09/29/2017
Stafkings has several opportunities for CNAs! These positions are for a nursing facility in Oxford. Candidates must have cur... [more]
Binghamton - 09/29/2017
Stafkings is recruiting for LPNs for a client in Oxford, NY! LPNs must be licensed and have a minimum of one year work exper... [more]
Binghamton - 09/29/2017
Stafkings is recruiting for RNs for a client in Oxford, NY! Registered nurses must be NYS licensed and have a minimum of one... [more]
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